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ANUP THOMAS and LALLOO ALPHONSE at their wedding reception at St.Dominic's Cathedral Parish hall - Kanjirappally, sang old malayalam melodious song 'Poomkaattinodum kilikalodum' in front of the film's director Bhadran. The video went viral, probably because most young couple in Kerala still dont have the option of putting their personal touches on their weddings and these two did just that.

The couple started getting stages after the popular wedding song. Recently, they have been to Kuwait to perform for the inauguration of Kottayam district association there. They do it like a music show. "We try to stick to the original composition and sing mostly melodies. We like listening to fast numbers. but when it comes to singing, we are more comfortable with the melody," says Lalloo. Her brother Leo Alphonse and his friends give immense support to the singing couple.

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